What makes. you different from other wood resin rings like Secret wood?

We offer a large variety of handmade rings at a fraction of the price of some of our competitors.  We also ship free worldwide.

Another difference is with the overall size of our rings, which are much sleeker, less bulky, and a more comfortable size for actually wearing on your hand.

Can I make a custom ring design? 

At this time we are unable to create any custom ring orders. Please check out our current ring collection to find a style you love! 


How are HIdden World rings made?

All our rings are handmade by our craftsmen using different wood and jewelry resin. Some styles feature additional material such as blossoms and foil leaf. Every ring is unique and one of a kind and showcase an amazing hidden world.


How fragile are the rings?

Like any piece of jewellery, a certain amount of care is required to extend its life span. Ordering the right size, and taking good care of the ring (avoid extended contact with moisture) will help keep your hidden world ring lasting long.


What is the warranty?

Our return policy is 30 days from the moment you receive your ring. If something happens to your hidden World ring, please contact us at hiddenworldrings@gmail.com. We strive to keep you happy.


How long does it take to receive an order once its placed?


Our rings take approximately 4-5 weeks in production, so please plan accordingly. 

Once the ring is ready and sent, delivery time depends on the country from which the ring is ordered, and the type of courier service selected.

Do you ship worldwide? How much does shipping cost?


Yes, we ship worldwide to all countries!

And shipping is absolutely free!  No matter where you are in the world, we will ship to you at no extra cost.

Please note, Import duty and tax fees may apply in your country. Please take a moment to visit the page of our courier for more information.



What if I don't like my ring?

We truly hope and believe you will love your ring! But if for some reason you dont, we give our customersr a 30 day return window from the day your receive your ring.


How do I know my ring size?

Please refer to our sizing chart to find your correct ring size. To get the most accurate fit, please visit your local jewellers and get sized in American ring standard sizing.


 What if my ring doesn’t fit?

If your ring doesn’t fit, we'll gladly help you out! We offer complimentary resizing! With a resize we create a brand new ring in the correct size. Please get in touch with us at info@hiddenworld.com if you need a get an order resized.


Do you only sell rings?


At this time, we only offer rings for sale. Please keep checking our website and follow us on Facebook andInstagram for updates on new products offered! You can also subscribe to our newsletter. 

How soon will I hear from Hidden World? 


Our office operates from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We usually take about 24 hours to reply, so If you contact us on a Friday, it is likely you won't hear back from us until the following Monday. Don't worry, we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!